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catnip leaves and flowers
Different parts of the catnip plants are used and mixed to make unique catnip formats!

We Offer Wholesale Bulk Catnip For Purchase By The Pound.

  • Ideal for DIY cat toys!
  • Perfect for rescue fundraisers. Have your volunteers sew home made cat toys!
  • Repack our catnip in delightful creative design containers or bags for your own business (private label).
  • USA organically grown catnip
  • Our catnip is always fresh from the current year crop (Harvested around August each year), no old stuff!
  • Create your own mix of catnip and alternative cat attractants from our selection. We will gladly mix it for you, A La Carte!
  • Large selection of catnip format, from low cost cat toy grade to highly potent catnip leaf and flower and catnip buds!
  • Buckwheat hulls available to mix in your special catnip blend, reduce cost, natural and biodegradable! Give a nice crinkly sound to your cat toys.

Welcome to our Catnip Bar!

From The Field well known catnip is available in bulk, sold by the pound. Browse our vast selection below to create your own personalized catnip mix! In our warehouse, we are equipped to mix different format of catnip and alternative cat attractant to your liking. For example, you might ask us to mix 4 pounds of stalkless catnip, 4 pounds of inexpensive cat toy grade catnip and 2 pounds of crinkly buckwheat hulls, along a sprinkle of Silver vine and/or Valerian roots!

Leaf and Flower (Cut n Sift)

A very potent mixture of the leaves and flowers of the catnip plant, with a small amount of stems. Look for the little flowers (bell shaped) in the mix! Each Pistil (Bell) is the catnip plant natural envelope where most of the essential oil is stored! The secret for cat toys is that if they are filled with leaf and flower, each bells stay intact, until a cat decides to bite the toy! At that point, the bell is crushed, and release a full blast of essential oil. That is why a cat will come back and back again to an old toy, because not all bells have been opened! In short, the more bells in the mix, the more potent and long lasting the catnip!
From The Field Leaf and Flower Catnip is well known for it’s higher bell content, that is our focus when we grow and harvest it!

Catnip Leaf and Flower

Fine Ground Stalkless (KittySafe, tea bag cut)

This is our grind mixture of leaves and flowers with some stem content (less than 2mm long), for those who prefer no stems in their catnip. Also a favorite for cat toy maker, as it fit easily into any cat toy designs, and have a lower price point. The black spec in the mix are actually catnip seeds (heat sterilized).
Did you know that catnip seeds are as small as mustard seeds? That is why if you grow one catnip plant, it will literally spread hundreds of small seeds all around itself upon maturity. In the next growing season, you will have quite a surprise! Catnip is a cousin of the mint family. Mint is known to be a pretty invasive plant!

Catnip Fine ground Stalkless

Catnip Buds

  • Rare to find
  • Hand harvested in USA!
  • Organically Grown without pesticide or weed killers
  • The most potent catnip format
  • Non GMO

For more information about our catnip buds,visit our catnip buds page.

Bulk Catnip Bud Whole

Ultimate Blend – Catnip Leaf and Flower and Silver Vine mix

Our Ultimate Blend is the perfect balance of leaf and flower catnip, mixed with potent silver vine fruit powder. For more information about silver vine and our ultimate blend, visit our silver vine page.

Catnip Leaf and Flower

Herbal Blend MX – Catnip Leaf and Flower and Valerian Root mix

Our Herbal Blend Mx is a must to spice up fun time for cats! We combine our catnip leaf and flower with pungent Valerian Roots (Yes, Valerian root have that peculiar smell of old wet socks left in a closet corner for a fortnight!). Don’t worry, we use only a small amount of Valerian in the mix to dose down the smell. Cats on the other hand, with their sensitive nose,  will perk their ears and find our herbal blend catnip faster than you can say “What is this odor?”!
Did you know that Valerian root is a know efficient cat attractant, even as it has the opposite effect on people, commonly used mostly to make teas and tinctures to promote a healthy night of sleep.

Herbal Blend MX Bulk

Pure Silver Vine Powder

Our pure Silver Vine offered wholesale, in bulk by the pound.

Silver Vine Powder

Pure Valerian Roots

USA organically grown Valerian root. Can be used as is, or mix it with any catnip format of your choice, or ask us to mix your special blend for you!

Offered wholesale, in bulk by the pound

Valerian Root

Catnip Tea Bag

Our catnip tea bags are the perfect solution for a no-mess, easy cat toy filling process. The tea bags we use are biodegradable, Non-GMO, chemical free, and manufactured in USA! For more information, visit ourcatnip tea bag page!

Our original tea bag in house recipe is a mix of stalkless and cat toy grade catnip and silver vine.

Available size : 2×2 inches

Catnip Tea Bag

Buckwheat Hulls

Our natural, USA grown buckwheat hulls are a great cat toy filler. They are very light and inexpensive, and give your cat toys a nice crinkly sound. Cats love to play with toys with a crinkly sound! They are completely biodegradable, so they are a great natural alternative to poly fillers, etc. We can mix them in-house with any other catnip format of your liking!

Buckwheat Hulls

Cat Toy Grade Catnip

Our brand new cat toy grade catnip is a low cost, efficient inexpensive filler for cat toys. It is a fine ground format a bit more powdery, with a slightly higher stem content. Organically grown in Washington State, it is sure to give cats a great playtime!

Cat Toy Grade Catnip

Catnip Pellets

This no mess format is composed of  compressed Stalkless catnip, grown in North America.

Catnip Pellet

We also offer Pure Catnip Essential Oil wholesale by the ounces

Contact us for prices!




1- Catnip buds: The most potent form of catnip. It is the top of the catnip plant, the bud itself

2- Catnip leaf and flower: A very potent mixture of leaves and flowers of the plant.Look for the little flowers (bell shaped) in the mix! The more bells, the more potent the catnip!

3- Catnip Stalkless: Kitty safe format, it is a grinded mixture of leaves and flowers only, virtually no stalk material.

4- Catnip Pellet: This no mess format is a composition of compressed catnip. This format is grown and made in Canada.

5- Catnip Buds Shake: When we hand process our catnip buds, this is the shake that is left. It is very potent. (No longer available)

6- Catnip essential oil: Extracted from pure potent catnip buds. This highly concentrated catnip oil contain up to 96% of nepetalactone (The harmless chemical that entices the cat’s reaction to catnip).

Look for our deluxe display in your favorite store!

* If your cat licks Shelby The Hemp Mouse face, no worry, it is stamped with food colorant!