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From The Field is proud to support and recommend :

Veterinarian Dr. Kristopher Chandroo new course:

Stress to Success (STS)

The essential guide to medicating your feisty, grumpy or reluctant cat. Regain control, make them less scared and re-establish the bond.

Watch the trailer here:

Excerpt from the trailer :

“What if you couldn’t help them when they needed you the most? And even though you’re trying to save them, your cat refuses their medication or SQ fluids?
There is another way to give them a fighting chance… We can regain control."
Olfactory stimulated + emotional handling technique

I can show you how to give them the treatment they need and give them a fighting chance.
Know exactly what to do to provide treatment to a cat who refuses it.
If you are stressed out or feeling lost with trying to protect your cat’s life, then discover Stress To Success at a
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“Stress To Success” is a comprehensive, easy to watch treasure of information on how to medicate your cat(s) with minimal to no fighting. Loaded with fun Videos and clips of actual cats going from feisty and scared to submissive and calm, accepting their medication and SQ without breaking the bond with their pet parent. It is truly amazing; a must for every pet parents who struggles with giving their cat(s) medication and SQ. No need to panic anymore when your veterinarian tells you that your cat will now need weekly pills, liquid injections, SQ fluids etc.!

The techniques presented are unique and simplified and can be executed by anybody at home, no expert training required! The high quality production of the 17 videos is sure to bring a smile to your face more than once, along with great music. Dr. Kristopher is teaching this course personally, and his charismatic presence makes the videos a delight to watch!

One of the cornerstones of the course developed by Dr. Kristopher is the ”Olfactory Kick Start” which can increase your chance of success when medicating your cat. It involves, in part, using a mix of catnip and silver vine to create a positive emotional state in your cat’s mind. Dr, Kris uses extensively our ultimate blend of silver vine and catnip mix...

Here is a recent post from Dr. Chandroo :
"The Tiger Effect: Why I Use Silver Vine to Successfully Medicate Grumpy Cats"
Click Here to see the Post
Here are some Bullet points that you will find in the “Stress To Success” Course:
(Excerpt from )
  • Why finding your cat’s Bermuda Triangle (the 3 mandatory components to successfully medicating any “difficult” cat) is the key to providing treatment to your cat.
  • How to use the Olfactory Kick Start to increase your chances of success when medicating your cat.
  • The STS Roadmap which allows you to customize the approach for your cat so you can successfully give medications, step-by-step.
  • The 4 reasons why your cat struggles with medications from their point of view, and how to put this knowledge into action for your cat.
  • The five minute crash course for sharpening your skills when giving a medication.
  • The 3 barriers that prevent people from achieving success with medicating their cats or treating their illness, and how to avoid them.
  • How to regain control, make them less scared and re-establish the bond by building your Feline Medication Toolkit.
  • Hone in on your cat’s 80% rule - the key success factor your cat needs you to perform before the pill, tablet or needle touches their body.
  • Why the Towel Touch Technique tells you how your cat wants to be handled during medicating
  • Your curated techniques for handling cats to make them say "yes" to medication.
  • The STS method of giving tablets, capsules, liquid medications, injections and SQ fluids.
  • The Rescue Plan: What to do if your cat is a tactical survivor and nothing works (P.S. - these cats need an entirely different approach to giving them medical treatment)

We truly believe that this course is an important addition to the well-being of every cats, and that is why From The Field support Dr. Kris in his journey to provide much needed information in the constant battle of medicating your beloved Cat(s). We share the common goal of making all cats life a more enjoyable experience, in play time and in hardship.


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